Feeling Politically Homeless?

This is something I’ve wanted to articulate for 5 years now, and here we go:

Biblical Christianity in America is in a very rough place. For those who know me, you know I’ve dedicated my entire life to living & sharing the good news of Jesus which is THE singularly most important priority of my life – especially for those who aren’t followers of Jesus yet.

Nothing I write here is meant as a personal or antagonistic attack on anyone. Neither was my provocative post on Wednesday, but I can totally understand how it could have felt that way.

I’m writing out of a heart of loving caution and (prayerfully) a call to pause & consider how our (conservative Christian) actions will affect the future.

Yes – I firmly believe Biden/Harris in the White House would be bad for this nation. As a passionate pro-life person who also believes that an 8 year-old should not be empowered to choose switching genders before hitting puberty, I do not endorse them by any means.

At the same time (in tandem, not negating what I just said, simultaneously) we need to understand the serious ramifications of how Evangelicals (many of whom are biblical Christians) at large have glorified, magnified & elevated Donald Trump.

America is not just post-Christian; it is very rapidly becoming anti-Christian. Over the last 5 years, even the term “Evangelical” which used to have godly men like Billy Graham as the face & meant “people who believe the gospel and biblical authority” has now shifted to “the people who are all about Donald Trump.”

Again – hear me clearly, I’m not trying to guilt trip anyone who voted for him in 2016 or will vote for him in 2020. But let’s look at this from another point of view…

Donald Trump’s issues are not just “personality.” Not remotely. They are deeply flawed character issues. No – he’s not a “pastor or a babysitter” – he is the leader of this entire nation! In the 90’s, conservative Christians beat the drum of “Character Counts.” Now, just the opposite because (IMHO) we want power over principles.

The former president of the largest Christian University in this nation (Liberty University) Jerry Falwell Jr. is a prime example of the problem I’m trying to highlight. The man has glorified & magnified Donald Trump, his character has been revealed, and now he is suing Liberty even though he “loves Liberty.”

Now, I know many of you might be getting defensive right now. I’m not trying to attack or demean by any means – but let’s think about this together:

Why would people looking for hope be drawn to a brand of Christianity that is inconsistent?

Again, I’m not talking about voting for Trump. Please, please do not hear me say if you vote for Trump you are inconsistent. I am not saying that by any means!

What I am saying is that whenever we refuse to allow healthy critique of a man who has repeatedly exemplified the exact opposite of what Jesus is all about (outside of some political policies) – we are in very rough shape.

I’d like to ask us all to consider – what will lauding, applauding, or glorifying Trump cost the meaningful advance of biblical truth, gospel witness, and Jesus representation moving forward?

I believe it will cost us far more than we understand right now – especially with Gen Z & Gen Alpha. Generation Z is already the first generation in America that is not primarily Christian. No clue how anti-Christian Generation Alpha will be. And I believe we’re in danger of the age old problem: “winning a battle but losing a war.”

Yes – the ultimate war is won. Jesus did that in his perfect life, death & empty tomb. But we have divine ambassadorship (2nd Corinthians 5:14-21) right here & now that I believe we can steward far better if we are willing to say Donald Trump cannot be the face of American Christianity.

I know I run the risk of losing friendships, and I certainly hope that I don’t lose any! But after 5 years of growing angst deep in my soul driven by my intense love for those who don’t know Jesus yet, I’m glad this is all out on the table.

If you follow Jesus & you’re all about Trump – I disagree with you, but I love you.

If you follow Jesus & you’re voting for Trump – I completely understand where you’re coming from (primarily with the pro-life motivations).

If you follow Jesus & you don’t believe either major party candidate is worthy of your vote – I would agree with you.

If you follow Jesus & you are voting for Biden/Harris – I disagree with you, but I love you.

If you don’t follow Jesus – I love you more than you could ever know, and I’m literally crying tears right now as I type this to think that our (including myself) inconsistencies as believers would ever deter you from discovering the hope, freedom & truth of Jesus Christ.

I love you all deeply. Please hear my heart beyond anything that may be taken the wrong way. I’d be honored to dialogue more with you! My email address is dan@necollaborative.com.

7 thoughts on “Feeling Politically Homeless?

  1. The policies that each of the 2 major party’s represent are like night and day. One of the 2 party’s will be leading this country the next 4 years. The policies that the Republican Party stand for align with the values that my family stand for! Each party has a person that will represent those policies. I’m not voting for the man but voting for the policies that party will be representing. When you don’t vote for the party that most represents the values that you align with is a vote for the party that totally is against my values! In 2016 25 million evangelicals did not vote because thay did not know what either candidate stood for. In 2020 we know what Donald Trump stands for! He is pro life pro Israel pro gun pro religious liberty pro America free speech and that is just a few of the policies that align with my values. You may not have known what he stood for in 2016 but you know what he stands for in 2020! So there is not any question for conservatives or Christians who best aligns with our values! A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for conservative values compared to radical values.


  2. Thanks Dan! Because of abortion and other issues I know who I am voting for! Even seeing all the warts and flaws of the candidate!


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